site responsive projects

Rebel or Excel

Presented in ‘the space that binds us’, curated by Alison Eggleton
Site 4. Old school house, Nati Frinj Biennale 2015

Artist Statement

On April 19, 1875 the bell rang at Natimuk State School for the first time, 22 students were in attendance. By the end of the year 67 were enrolled. Still standing at 100-1-4 Main Street in Natimuk, the original seniors classroom building will invite new enrolments during Nati Frinj, hosted by Melbourne based artist Kasia Lynch.

Rebel or Excel‘ is an invitation to subvert the traditions of classroom based education through experiences of creative day dreaming, intuitive action and expanded thinking. Responding to the Natimuk Main School Building you’re invited to join the the artist in taking playful aim at the systematised traditions of learning. In polarity to the generic language of report cards and the hierarchy of subjects, Kasia presents an alternative lesson and makes space for the individual and their infinite creative potential.

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Mediumistic: experiential sound & sculpture walk

1 May – 30 June 2014
Convent Building, Convent Courtyard and the Heritage Gardens.

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Mediumistic responded to the Abbotsford Convent’s building and history and engaged visitors in an immersive mystical experience. Presented as an intuitive sound and sculpture based walking tour, the project centred on a series of psychic readings carried out onsite within the Convent Building and in the surrounding gardens. Mediumistic responded to the atmospheric energies of the Abbotsford Convent and offered visitors a chance to ‘sense’ the space through a self-led experiential walk. Mediumistic was produced in collaboration with sound artist Jordan Lacey (hidden sounds). Special thanks to contributors Ben Byrne, Danae Thorp, Mary Gianevsky and Pandarosa.

Link here to project essay written by Ben Byrne.
Link here to exhibition review by Jeremy Leung.



Sports Club 2: The Arena, MCG, Melbourne, AU.
Performance anxiety: the internal external continuum, 2010, mixed media, dimensions variable.

29 May, 2010.
Main space of the Melbourne Cricket Ground change rooms.
Project views of participatory installation commissioned by Next Wave Festival.


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In a head-on collision of contemporary art and sport cultures, The Sports Club Project was a series of artists’ interventions into two major Melbourne sporting venues: the idyllic George Knott Athletics Reserve and the monumental Melbourne Cricket Ground. From grassroots community sports to elite professional athletes, The Sports Club Project revealed the common and disparate ground of these disciplines, infusing art with a sporting sensibility and re-imagining sports culture through the eyes of some of Australia’s most exciting young artists. After undertaking intensive research, a series of on-site workshops and some unlikely athletics training sessions, 30 visual and new media artists, performers, dancers, sound artists and others created brand-new works which addressed the social, cultural and architectural environments of these iconic sports clubs, transforming them for one day each.

Through these provocative, playful and meditative artworks, The Sports Club Project explores the common risks and triumphs experienced by artists and athletes, and how their broader culture and administration influences their work. What followed was an explosion of practice and training; discipline and endurance; spectator and spectacle; gender and power; success and failure.


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